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An Italian Group, projected into the future thanks to its longstanding values

With an entrepreneurial history of over 50 years and guided by the clear and coherent vision of a single family, Gresmalt is one of the leaders in the Italian ceramic industry. The Group distinguishes itself as a dynamic and concrete company, which looks to the future through investments in innovative technologies and plants, to offer consumers increasingly more performing and reliable materials. Four brands, each with its own identity, address the international market, distributing an annual production capacity of over 20 million square metres of porcelain. A futuristic and sustainable headquarters, open and full of light, houses the executive offices and showrooms of the brands, an identity symbol and representative of the Group’s evolutionary path towards innovation and sustainability.

Strictly Italian technology, design, creativity and production

From the heart of the ceramic district in Sassuolo, the vibrant centre of ceramic innovation, Gruppo Gresmalt looks to the future with confidence, with an offer that skilfully combines aesthetic sense and performance in the name of evolution. The porcelain is produced in avant-garde manufacturing facilities, where intelligent 4.0 technologies ensure the highest quality standards, logistical efficiency and sustainable processes. The Group’s continuous research and development focuses both on design trends, as well as on the latest technological innovations, consolidating a ceramic culture that continues to translate into 100% made in Italy collections that seamlessly combine creativity, originality and aesthetic balance.

Reducing the environmental impact, protecting the Planet and people

Gruppo Gresmalt carries sustainability deeply rooted in its DNA, to define a business model that makes the responsible use of natural, social, economic and technological resources both a duty, as well as an opportunity. DYCTA (DYnamiC susTainability Assessment) is the internal sustainability assessment system that guides the Group’s research and development activities according to the principles of eco-design: aesthetics, functionality, attention to the needs of natural resources and 4.0 technologies to monitor process performance in real time and to make it increasingly more efficient, guaranteeing a sustainable product. Today, together with collaborators and stakeholders, Gruppo Gresmalt aims to become more and more agile and resilient, and to continue to create value that will last over time.