All Around Concrete

Surround yourself with beauty inspired by nature
All Around captures even the most subtle vibrations in the natural elements that surround us. Earth, wood and stone create a vast range of ceramics, divided into 3 sources of aesthetic inspiration evoking intense material sensations, to mix and match with one another, in 13 genuine, cosy contemporaryhues.

Rarefied atmospheres, simple volumes and graduated hues, serene, welcoming spaces. Capturing the sensations evoked by raw earth and concrete, with neutral hues and accents of colour in rich shades, All Around reflects all the attraction of handmade surfaces.



Collection suitable for: Bathroom - Kitchen - Living room



INDOOR versions

*Available in White, Sand and Grey

OUTDOOR versions

**Available in Sand and Grey

Abitare la Ceramica offers a wide range of floors, with a specific finish for outdoor spaces, both in the standard thickness coordinated with the indoor floors, and in slabs with an extra-thickness of 20 mm, which can be laid in different ways, even resting on grass, sand or gravel.

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