abc of ceramics

Every little corner of living
becomes a mirror of one’s own feelings

More than a simple brand

Simple, immediate, and for everybody.
Abc means home, hospitality, a warm and cozy space.
Abc is minimal and sophisticated but also simple and practical. It creates the perfect setting for you to become the main character of your life. Thanks to its various and complete range, Abitare La Ceramica products are perfect for those who want their house to be a projection of themselves.

Inspired by a variety of different materials thought to be harmonically combined. Colors, textures, and effects personalize each room of the house.

Abitare la Ceramica offers a great variety of indoors and outdoors flooring surfaces and wall tiles.
Abitare collection of high-quality porcelain stoneware combines design, safety and durability through each climate condition.

Free ceramic interpretations
to furnish the home with style
and personality.